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"I have found LHR at Glynburn Road to be an efficient and professional service. The staff are friendly and make you feel comfortable when dealing with what can be an embarassing problem.

The treatment is fast with little discomfort and covers large areas such as my back and shoulders in one session.

Hair regrowth is very slow and the hair is becoming progressively finer which gives a natural look.

It offers (LHR) advantages over other hair removal methods. Regrowth is comfortable unlike waxing which is itchy and produces ingrown hairs. It offers progressive results in large areas - areas that are to large to use electrolysis.

LHR is by far the best method for unwanted hair control - and over the years I have tried them all."


"I have been a client of Laser Hair Removal at 186 Glynburn Road Medical Centre for over 12 months now and I cannot believe that I waited so long to have this done.

It is a gem of an idea and I recommend everyone having it done! I had waxed my legs and bikini line for 10 years and suffered from terrible in-grown hairs. After only 1 treatment of laser hair removal those areas were 100% better. I have had 3 treatments on my bikini line and no longer have hair growing where I don't want it and my skin is baby smooth!

I also suffered with shaving rash under my arms. After 3 treatments under my arms I am now completely hair free and the skin is never irritated or sore anymore.

I have recommended many of my friends to LHR and they all come back to me raving about how fantastic the treatment is.

It doesn't hurt, it doesn't take long and its a small price to pay for smooth, hair free skin!"


"My main hair issue was my facial hair. I always looked like I had a 5'oclock shadow. My facial hair was very dense & coarse & I suffered with sensative skin, so my neck would develop ingrown hairs, bleeding & shaving rash.

Since having laser hair removal treatments I no longer have these concerns. My wife loves it too, because she no longer has to wake up to a bristle kiss. it only took 10 mins to laser the face area. it has been a great investment. Thank You Laser Hair Removal at 186 Glynburn Rd Medical Centre, Tranmere."