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White, Grey, and Red Hair

Applisonix's Selectif™ is the industry's first clinically proven ultrasound-based hair removal solution. Powered by IMPRESA™ Technology, Selectif™ Pro is the next generation of long term hair removal devices. It enables precise eyebrow contouring and pain free treatment of sensitive areas like the upper lip, chin, underarms and bikini line. Treatments are safe and free of side effects. Results are independent of hair color and skin tone, allowing the aesthetic professional to treat a wide variety of clients.

Selectif™ can complement currently available laser/IPL treatments by offering a solution for all hair colors and skin tones, and for shaping those delicate areas such as eyebrows or bikini line. Due to its precise, selective, and focused nature, Selectif™ helps the aesthetic professional to achieve an extremely high level of accuracy, without giving up on safety and long term efficacy. With Selectif™, the aesthetic professional can be productive immediately, as the device requires very minimal training.

Selectif™ is the first device that is powered by Applisonix' breakthrough IMPRESA™ technology. It combines safety, effectiveness, affordability and accuracy in a device that gives every aesthetic professional added value and competitive edge.

Benefits and Advantages

Selectif™ Pro offers extensive benefits for both the aesthetic professional and client. An attractive, lightweight, and competitively priced device, it fits into any spa or salon environment. Its unique technology and user-friendly design ensure professional results from the very first use. This powerful combination results in a short learning curve that yields a very fast return on investment.
Selectif™ Pro. Turning up the Volume on your Practice.

Ability to treat any hair color and skin tone combination for a wider variety of clients. Competitive advantage offering the most advanced technology in hair removal. Fast Return on Investment with an easy to use, cost effective device. Specialty treatments that complement existing hair removal methods. Peace of mind by providing safe treatments, free of side effects.

Before and After

Ultrasound hair removal
White, grey, blond or dark hair, as well as tanned skin, is no longer a limitation for long term hair reduction.

Treated area: Underarm Nbr. of treatments: 5
(female, age 25, skin type 4, brown hair)



Treated area: Chin Nbr. of treatments: 6
(female, age 60, skin type 1, white hair)




"Selectif gives better hair removal treatments with positive repercussions for patients. We have treated white, and blonde hair in the facial zones.

After complete sessions of treatment, we have reached very good results on all types of patients. The method is absolutely painless, safe and well accepted by all patients. In every case, there were no side effects noted.
We consider this new feature to be an important issue for the enlargement of our clinic's treatment services. It's also an exclusive and very precious offer that makes hair removal a more pleasant commitment.
We consider the treatment to be extremely useful and valuable. Selectif Pro permits us to achieve many goals for the patient."

Dott.ssa E. Carminati
Laureata in Chimica Farmaceutica Specialista in Cosmetologia – Fitoterapia Milano, Italy



"Hair removal is in great demand among women in my clinic. Women want to get rid of unwanted hair not only on the body, but on the face as well. The most popular treatment is the removal of fair hair on the upper lip, grey hair on the chin and hair that is no longer affected by laser or IPL. SelectifTM is a perfect solution for such hair and for eyebrow contouring as well.

Together with IPL we offer our clients the Total Hair Removal concept. This means that we treat larger areas with IPL and then work with Selectif to remove the single hairs.

The SelectifTM principle is similar to electrolysis hair removal; however, it is absolutely pain free, safe and free of side effects.
My clients and I are fully satisfied with the results on SelectifTM."

Bogatyreva Victoria
Dermatologist, Beautician General Manager at Dr. Bogatyreva Clinic Russia, Moscow